November 12, 2017

October 3, 2017

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Presence - the Best Present Ever

December 23, 2017

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Presence - the Best Present Ever

December 23, 2017




In this season, we often find ourselves so easily pulled back into the past. Memories of holidays gone-by, traditions, spending time with family and the history that brings up, Facebook Year in Review slideshows, last year’s ignored and forgotten resolutions. Let’s do ourselves a big favor and give ourselves the gift of Presence.


Presence is how we access and remain in personal integrity. Integrity comes from the Latin word integer, which in math, describes a number that’s whole, not divided into fractions. It's also defined as "a thing complete in itself." So, a person of integrity is whole, complete, no matter the circumstances, situations, status. When we’re in our integrity, we are undivided - we don’t try to make people think we’re something different than who we are - we don’t “spin our image”. We are our authentically present Self.


We all remember the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” As we head home for the holidays, what about stating it this way: ‘Never let others do to you what you would never do to another.” Or as we beat ourselves up for not losing the weight, hitting that goal, etc. - how about: “Never do to yourself what you would never do to another.” 

Right?!!! Take care of yourself - your whole and true self.


Here’s a great mantra for the season and for always - offered up by Martha Beck (I’m a huge fan!!): 







Surrender is the starting point. Up until recently, I equated surrender with suffering.

Nope. Surrender is the cracking open. Cracking open, according to another big fave Elizabeth Gilbert, “because you have stopped fighting and pretending. Once you do that…anything whatsoever can now occur.” How exciting is THAT?! Even cooler, Gilbert goes on to say, “Sometimes your true fate can only find you after you have surrendered. The universe can sometimes only work through you once you have surrendered.”


“Cracking yourself open in surrender…well, that’s where God can rush in.”


So crack your Authentic Self open, Breathe in Possibility, Allow the universe to work through you and Receive the gift of feeling complete in yourself!!!

The present of Presence. It’s on my list.


Here’s another thing on my list:

I’m hoping this blog and this website will become a home. A home for an ever-growing  community of people to just be present with themselves and each other. To explore authenticity. Without judgment. With acceptance and sharing. Let’s be there for each other, instead of posturing to be against or better than or different from.

Let’s help and support each other. We spend our conversations, our social media posts, our lives hiding our true selves, in hopes that no one will see that we’re not perfect. That things may not be as “fine” as we always report.

Life’s not easy. For anyone. Let’s help each other out and be open to receiving help. Be there for each other and allow others to be there for us. Gifts all around. Exhale and inhale. Give and receive. They’re inextricably linked. 


So I’m just going to make this my new Home. I’m going to share my thoughts (and the thoughts of others that I find helpful and inspirational, like Ms. Beck and Ms. Gilbert). Stuff like Authenticity, Surrender, Mid-Life-ness, Redefining Who I Am, Gratitude, Forward Movement. Creativity.

Good stuff. Tasty stuff. Stuff to make life better - make us live Twice As Alive. Like the  bars!


Please join in the conversation!


Merry Everything and Happy Always!!





P.S. If you like the bars and like what you read, please don't keep them a secret. Spread the good stuff!! And if you're on Facebook, stop by the Twice As Alive page and leave a rating!! Thanks!

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