About the Bars!

Grab your health by the bars!


That’s what I decided to do  when I found myself facing my own health issues. Thyroid issues, Fatigue, Brain Fog, Hot Flashes, Night Sweats, Digestive Issues, Depression, AutoImmune Disease. All signs from my body that it needed some care and attention. I needed to find a way to support my systems and not simply mask the symptoms. I decided to explore nutrition as a support approach.


After much research and recipe trial and error - Tropical Hot Flash Bars were born! I found that once I started eating them regularly, I had more energy. I had more focus and my brain felt clearer. I was lighter in mood. My digestion improved significantly and I started pooping regularly. My hot flashes and night sweats disappeared and have remained rare. My metabolism balanced. My joint pain decreased. My AutoImmune flare ups were decidedly mild, if I had any at all. 


It was an anti-inflammatory superfood success!!


I explored more anti-inflammatory ingredients and next came CBGBars - with powerhouses like cacao, oats, goji berries, and ginger.


And third, my newest delicious delight - Low-C3 — Low Carb ChoConutty Cubes!! Low in carbs and sugar, high in protein and healthy fats and packing a big anti-inflammatory punch!


All three flavors support your immune system, hormone balance, brain function, digestive health, joint health, focus and energy. They are made with all natural, non-GMO ingredients and are gluten free, soy free and dairy free. And they are ALL under 200 calories!


They are home-made by me with love.

Grab your health by the bars!  Join me in living Twice As Alive!

Tropical Hot Flash Bars

full of dried tropical fruit, seeds and nuts and are high in protein, fiber, calcium, iron, antioxidants and omega-3s.


ginger-full and packed with cacao, goji berries, seeds and oats and are high in protein, fiber, magnesium, iron, antioxidants and omega-3s. 



Low Carb ChoConutty Cubes.

Deliciously low-carb and low sugar,

high protein and high healthy fats. Chocolatey peanut buttery cubes of delight!



“Your bars are miraculous!  I ate one and felt impelled to clean out a closet!

PS they're delicious”

“I found myself taking really deep, long naps - and I’d wake up feeling really rested”

“Absolutely helped with constipation”

“noticeable change in my energy level, less dryness in skin, lower cravings for sweets, less irritability, better concentration, decreased hot flashes”

“The bars are delicious and I feel quite buoyant!”

“Loved the texture, flavors, ingredients”

“had fewer headaches and seemed to be in a happier mood than usual”

“They help me reach dietary goals - iron, calcium, protein”

“Taste - excellent!”